New Explorations in South Asia Research, or NESAR (nēsaṟ being a Kannada word for “sun”) is an open-access journal publishing original research in South Asian Studies, with a focus on the intellectual and expressive traditions of South India.

NESAR is an online-only publication. NESAR will never charge its authors open-access fees or publication fees.

NESAR was started in 2020 by Andrew Ollett, Shubha Shanthamurthy, and Naresh Keerthi, with a founding advisory board of Diwakar Acharya, Richard Eaton, Leslie Orr, David Shulman, and Eva Wilden.

The motivation for NESAR was the relative scarcity of high-quality open-access journal in the field of South Indian Studies and South Asian Studies more widely. We felt the need for a journal that (a) was open-access and free (for both contributors and readers); (b) was rigorously peer-reviewed and realized high standards of scholarship; (c) was intended primarily for South Asian Studies; (d) held itself to high standards of design and publication.

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Editorial board

Andrew Ollett
Managing Editors
Naresh Keerthi
Shubha Shanthamurthy

Advisory board

Diwakar Acharya
University of Oxford
Richard Eaton
University of Arizona
Leslie Orr
Concordia University
David Shulman
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Emeritus)
Eva Wilden
University of Hamburg


Andrew Ollettollett@uchicago.eduUniversity of Chicago372149294434280521495

The “Initiative for Fair Open Access Publishing in South Asian Studies” (FOASAS) gathers information about journals that adhere to the general principles of fairness and openness in academic publishing. Some journals whose editors have decided to collaborate explicitly include:

  • History of Science in South Asia (HSSA)
  • Journal of Yoga Studies (JoYS)
  • New Explorations in South Asia Research (NESAR)


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